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About ClearAP

About Us

The Upgrade Path Inc., the owner of the brand name, “clearAP,” is a plastics manufacturer that offers unique promotional advertising solutions in clear and colored plastics.  The products you see at clearAP are invented here, 3D-modeled here and manufactured here.  Our clear acrylic briefcase line, for example, is the largest ever and it exists nowhere else.  We are proud to present it to you and thankful for the opportunity to work with a fantastic array of advertising professionals, from Loreal to Microsoft.

As a custom plastics fabricator, we service a variety of industries under several brand names, including clearAP, but on top of it all, is our umbrella brand offers on-demand design and volume fabrication in a facility that prides itself on efficient, linear manufacturing methodologies.  If you are looking for a truly unique advertising solution, try us.  We are adept at developing new, innovative solutions for our diverse customer base and we would be happy to work with you.

Let’s increase your brand’s strength through a unique promotion.  We are ready to develop a visionary and profound solution so please email us to get started.

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